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The Vegan Starter Kit

Everything You Need to Know About Plant-Based Eating

If you are looking to lose weight and get healthy in the new year, you will have no trouble sticking to your resolution with the help of Neal Barnard, M.D.’s new book, The Vegan Starter Kit. Vegan diets have been shown to reverse heart disease and diabetes and to cause impressive weight loss without calorie-counting.

The book, which hits shelves Dec. 24, gives readers all the tools they need to get started: delicious recipes, answers to frequently asked questions, guidelines on ensuring complete nutrition, quick-reference charts for sources of calcium and protein, tips for modifying recipes, and more.

Many are looking to adopt a more healthful diet but may have questions, like: How do I plan a vegan meal? Is protein an issue? Which are the best choices at restaurants or if I’m traveling? Dr. Barnard has the answers to these questions and more. The Vegan Starter Kit also includes information on healthy eating in childhood, pregnancy, and other stages of life, and a complete set of basic meals, holiday feasts, snacks, among many other tips.

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Ready to start a vegan diet?

The Vegan Starter Kit by Neal Barnard, M.D., has all the information, tips, and resources you need to get started!

Recipes from The Vegan Starter Kit

Get started on a vegan diet with these healthy and delicious recipes!

The Vegan Starter Kit

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