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New Approaches for Regulatory Application

Nix the Six: Strategies for Implementing a Non-animal Acute 6-Pack

Nix the Six

Are you up to date on the latest New Approach Methodologies? Please join us for a series of five virtual training and discussion sessions focused on available methods and strategies for avoiding or reducing animal tests when assessing chemicals and pesticides for the main six acute endpoints commonly referred to as the “6-pack”. Methods and strategies presented will be applicable to pesticides, antimicrobials, and other products.

Each session will feature three to four short lectures and a final roundtable discussion in a Zoom Webinar format. Attendees will be able to ask questions and provide comments; other applications may be used to enable additional interaction between attendees and panelists.

Registration for each event is separate. You may attend the full series or only those that are most relevant to your work:

For your convenience, a printable agenda is available for download below. You will receive a link to download session materials through the Zoom Webinar platform ahead of the event. 


New Approach Methodology (NAM) Use for Regulatory Application (NURA) is a continuing education program designed to provide professionals in the field of toxicology with specialized resources and basic hands-on training in new approach methodologies. NURA offers training, seminars, and other events to promote the use of nonanimal approaches within various regulatory frameworks. In 2018, NURA kicked off its inaugural event with a training geared toward NAM use under the Toxic Substances Control Act. Our goal is to unite industry, government, academia, and other interested stakeholders to promote regulatory NAM development and implementation via training and focused events. Once checked against the requirements of various domestic and international certifying and licensing boards, attendance or participation at NURA events can be applied toward continuing education credits.

Click on past event names below to access resources and recorded lectures describing the latest approaches in toxicology, including in vitro and in silico methods for skin and eye irritation, skin sensitization, and other topics.


Use New Approach Methodologies for Regulatory Application

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