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Career Opportunities

The Physicians Committee is an equal-opportunity employer with career opportunities in variety of fields such as preventive medicine, nutrition, toxicology, advocacy, public/government relations, communications, law, publications, and nonprofit administration (fundraising, human resources, office services, information technology, and finance). See below for a list of the Physicians Committee's current openings. You can also learn more about our Compensation and Benefits and Employment Process.

As an organization dedicated to promoting preventive medicine and good nutrition, the Physicians Committee has a vegan office environment, as well as a workplace wellness program, with staff education sessions on health and nutrition issues.

Barnard Medical Center

Attention Physicians and Nurse Practitioners!

If you are a physician interested in working with the Barnard Medical Center or with the Physicians Committee’s ethical research, nutrition education, or clinical research teams, please send your CV and cover letter to Even if we don’t currently have an advertised position in your area of interest, we’d still love to start having a dialogue with you about the possibility of joining our team.

If you are a nurse practitioner interested in working with the Barnard Medical Center, we will likely have an opening in the coming months. Please send your CV and cover letter to and we may contact you once the position is open.