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How are the COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions affecting your health?

quarantine health survey

The Physicians Committee is looking for volunteers to participate in a 12-week survey during the COVID-19 quarantine. Share updates online every two weeks to help advance clinical research!

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many changes in everyday life, such as work from home, limited social contact, eating at home due to closed restaurants, and limited travel and exercise opportunities. We are researching the impact of these changes on public health.

Call 855-STUDY-18 to learn more and sign-up!


Coronavirus: Origins, Prevention, Containment, and Treatment

Updates from the Physicians Committee about and related to Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Coronavirus Prevention Tips

What you need to know about the coronavirus:


Telemedicine - Barnard Medical Center

The Barnard Medical Center is now offering telemedicine appointments, allowing patients to consult with caregivers online through their computers or phones. Available to residents of the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, California, Missouri, New York and Massachusetts.