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Can a Plant-Based Diet Reduce Hot Flashes?

Join a free 12-week research study to test whether a low-fat plant-based diet can reduce your hot flashes! Qualified participants will receive study-related nutrition information, cooking classes, and group support online with physicians and dietitians.

Research has suggested that plant-based diets and especially soybeans can reduce hot flashes. We are putting that to the test. In this study, women who experience hot flashes will be randomly assigned to either a completely vegan diet or to a control group that makes no diet changes. We will see whether the diet reduces your hot flashes.

If you are in the vegan group, you will be asked to consume no meat, dairy products, or eggs for a 12-week period. We will show you how to do it and will provide weekly online meetings to help you stay on track. You will also be asked to eat a serving of soybeans every day.

If you are a woman who experiences hot flashes and would like to participate, fill out the interest survey below and one of our research specialists will contact you! If you have any further questions, please call us at 202-527-7363.

Note: There is no monetary compensation for participation. We are only accepting women who experience hot flashes