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Spring Into Prevention

It’s never too early to reduce your risk for breast cancer.  This spring, our partners are bringing you recipes and resources to help you reduce your risk and stay healthy.

Plant-Based Recipes and Products 

  • Eat Well, Stay Well provides you with delicious plant-based recipes, like Pizza Hummus, and insights from health coach Sharon McRae. Then check out her favorite kitchen tools and read her inspiring story about eating for good health.
  • Hungry Planet offers a variety of tasty plant-based meats that work in any recipe and provide great plant-based nutrition.
  • Visit Food for Life Baking Co’s website and their Instagram page for information about the health benefits of bread made from sprouted grains, like Ezekiel 4:9 bread. Then try some of their tasty recipes
  • Saladmaster has revolutionized healthy cooking by offering made-in-the-USA cookware from stainless steel and titanium, rather than aluminum and other unhealthy metals. Their Vapo-Valve technology can help you cut down on cooking time and the need for oil, too. Saladmaster is also offering recipes to help boost immune health on their website.
  • Orga Foods founder Meital wanted to “fill her body with nutrition,” so she created Super Crisps to do just that! These nut and seed crisps are great with your favorite spread or as an added crunch to your salad. Try all flavors in a discounted bundle, and they ship free.

Plant-Based Meal Delivery

  • Trying to avoid the grocery store but still want healthy, low-fat, plant-based meals? Get fresh MamaSezz meals shipped right to your doorstep. Check out the many options with their meal bundles.
  • Don’t worry about dinner—let Veestro take care of it. Have pre-made, plant-based meals delivered to your door – use code PCRM20 to get 20% off your order.
  • Want to see your plant-based meal delivery options in one place? VegMealDelivery has you covered with detailed filters to drill down to the services offering meals tailored to your needs.

Information and Inspiration

  • Pink Lotus Power Up. Designed for women diagnosed with breast cancer, Dr. Kristi Funk’s Pink Lotus site hosts blogs on breast cancer and flourishing after a diagnosis. The site provides a Breast Buddies program that matches newly diagnosed women with “thrivers” of a similar age and cancer stage and a wealth of resources, information, and support. Dr. Funk’s book, Breasts: The Owner’s Manual, is also an excellent read for anyone concerned about breast health and reducing risk of breast cancer or a recurrence.
  • The Invisible Vegan, a documentary by actress and filmmaker Jasmine Leyva, explores the problem of unhealthy diet patterns in the African American community and highlights the health benefits of vegan diets and lifestyle choices. Streaming on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and Kweli.TV
  • Learn about integrative health with the GW Integrative Medicine podcast, where experts discuss topics like nutrition, gut health, Lyme Disease, women's health, and more. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. 
  • Ready to take your healthy diet to the next level? Head over to and take their plant-based eating challenge. Then check out founder Gregg Rozeboom’s 100+ reviews of plant-based books, and if you’re in the DC area, order food from his plant-based restaurant chain, Fruitive. Two of their DC-area locations are offering meals for pickup and delivery. 
  • For a smorgasbord of resources for healthy living, visit  There you’ll find workshops, video recipes and inspiration from Bruce and Mindy Mylrea. After Bruce’s own battle with cancer, the couple launched a nonprofit and are on a mission to bring the healing power of plant-based nutrition to the world. 

Partners in Prevention

Melissa Altman-Traub MS, RDN, LDN
Robin Gottesman MD
Gemma Newman
Beatrix Araiza MD
Mark Gullapalli MD, PhD
MyHuong Nguyen MD
Linda Arpino RDN, CDN, FAND
Martha Harrop ARNP
Heather Novak FNP-BC
Paranee Auethavekiat MD
Anna Herby RD
Rosemary Olivo MD
Ankush Bansal MD
Beth Holmes DO
Natalie Owsley MSN, NP
Boisey Barnes MD
Yves Homsy MD
Sunil Pai MD
Lydia Bautista 
Felice Howard MD
Clara Pi 
Michele Blair DO, MPH
Jimmy Hu ND
Stephanie Polizzi MPH, RD
Teodora Brose MD
Eden Huma RN
Mirna Puesan MD, MPH
Susan Brough MD
Jenna Hume
Amy Quick ND, PhD
Sheila Brown MD
Linda Humphrey MD MPH
Renee Ratcliff MS, RDN
Reggie Burandt MD
Integrative Therapies Wellness Center
Crombie Redd 
Liz Burroughs RD
Elin Jacks LCSW
Robin Reynolds RD, LD, CDE, CLT
Brooke Bussard MD
Carol Jagdeo MD
Tammy Robertson
Jeanne Calvert BSN, RN, CCN
Karen James RN, CNS
Jodi Robinson
Leanne Cantrell MS, RD, LDN
David Johnson MD
Lars Rosenkvist MD
Diane Casey MS, RD, LD, CLT
Manisha Kalra
Elora Roy 
Bandana Chawla MD
Anitha Kankar MD
Yolanda Sanchez RD, MS
Munish Chawla MD
John Kaplan MD, FACOG
Sandra Sarnoski-Roberts
Christie Cobb MD
Zahra Kassam MBBS, FRCRC
Emily Schley MD
Aurelie Cormier RN, CNP
Debbie Keele
Lois Schulman 
Aurelie Catherine Cormier RN, MS, CNP-BC
Jinmok Kim MD, PhD
Christine Scott
Claire Criscuolo RN
Matthew Kingsbauer DO
Linda Scotti 
Yaritza Cruz
Karen Kipp RD
Roberta Munger Sebastian
Noor Daghistani PharmD
Kathleen Kirby RN
Marsha Seidelman MD
Horacio D’AgostIno MD
Joseph Kline Jr. MD
Marcia Shattuck MD
Jennifer Davis MD
Calvin Kubo MD
Heather Shenkman MD
Deitra Dennis RN, CHC
Praveena Kumar RD
Bernard Siegel 
Kathryn DeSantis
Susan Lavelle MS, APRN, FNP-BC
Sonita Singh
Deepa Deshmukh RDN, CDE, BCADM
Victoria Li MD
Cynthia Smith 
Susan Devers RN, APRN, ANP-C
Alexander Lim MD
Toni Stafford 
Patricia Diotto MD
Annika Linde DVM, PhD, MPH
Darlene Steele
David Dodson MD
Shayna Litvin
Lisa Steffensen
Barbara Doherty RN, MS
Humra Mahmood
Noah Stratton DO
Carol Dorros MD
Simran Malhotra MD
Bryan Strickland MD
Pauline Doucet OD
Andrew Malinchak DO
Asha Subramanian MD, MPH
Angie Eakin MD
Marlene Mash MD
Faisa Suleiman 
Ryan Efaw RN, BSN
Jan Martijn Oosterveen 
Carol Tavani MD, MS, DLFAPA 
Carrie Falvo RD, LDN
Niki Martimianaki
Victoria Taylor PT, DPT
Jessica Floyd MD
Aimee Mason RD
Bernadine Temple
Lawrence Foe MD
Cryscilla Maynard
James Thompson MD
Annie Frassinello Earsley RD, CDE
Joan Mayo
Jim and Susan Tipton
Ann Fritz RN, CHWC
Monica McKenzie DrPH, RN
Kayellen Umeakunne MS, RDN, LD
Jeffrey Gally MD
Susan McLean BSN, MEd
Janie Unruh PhD, MPH, BSN
Ashwani Garg MD
Janet Mclennan MD
Rajeev Varma MD
Shelia Garner Link RD, LDN, CDE
Vesanto Melina MS, RD
Walter Vermeulen MD
Jose Angel Garza MD
Rodney Miller MD
Judith Volpe
Timothy Geen MD, FAAP
Michele Minetti MS, BSN, RN
TJ Welton
Michael Geer MD
Emily Mitchell RD, CDE
Beth White NP, DNP
Sabine Gempel DPT
Carolyn Morin
Rachel White 
Elizabeth George MD
William Morris MD
Claudia William MD
Dawn Ginese RN
Suman Murthy MD
Kimberly Woloszyn
Davide Giunzioni MD
Deborah Nash
Michele Yarmus
John Gobble DrPH, RDN, LD, FACLM
Aruna Nathan MD
George Zgourides 
Gwen Goodman MS, RDN, CDN
John Nelson MD

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