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  1. Exam Room Podcast

  2. Nov 20, 2018

Best Foods to Fight a Cold and Flu

What foods are the best to fight a cold and the flu? That’s what this episode of The Exam Room™ is all about!

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“The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll sits down with Maggie Neola, R.D., L.D., to discover that boosting the immune system goes well beyond just a high dose of vitamin C. In fact, Maggie reveals that the more colors there are on your plate the better your immune system will function. 

Red tomatoes, orange sweet potatoes, green kale, blueberries, red grapes, and even brown rice can all help out in their own way! The health benefits of dozens of foods are discussed on the show!

Gretchen Housel, M.S.N., N.P.- C., also sits down with Chuck to shed light on what exactly a cold is and how it differs from the flu, and how amazingly easy both can spread. 

She also talks about the various flu vaccines available, including Flublok, which uses no eggs in the manufacturing process. It is widely considered to be the best choice for those who eat a vegan diet. 

And Chuck gets a flu shot on the show!


In This Episode

  • The best foods to boost your immune system 
  • How different colored foods offer unique health benefits
  • How a cold virus differs from the flu
  • The best flu vaccine for vegans
  • Chuck gets a flu shot


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