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One Healthy World

Revolutionize your health with this exciting new international program that provides support from nutrition experts from around the world! You will learn how what you eat can help you improve blood sugar, lose weight, control blood pressure, and more!

Class 1: Vanita Rahman, MD, discusses how improving our diets impacts weight loss, cholesterol levels, the environment, and animals. Ram and Aparna share how they reversed diabetes with a plant-based diet. Plus, Anushree Somani shares how to make vegan shahi paneer without using dairy paneer, oil, or nuts! 

Class 2: Mr. Ganta shares his inspirational story of how he reversed his diabetes and is now happier and healthier than ever.  

Class 3: Health coach Nidhi Nahata started her restaurant in Bangalore to show her community that food is medicine! Hear how she makes healthful menu items, including papdi chaat, mushroom pizza, nachos platter, and more!  

Class 4: Chef Sanjeev Kapoor makes jackfruit biryani layered with aromatics, including ginger, mint, air-fried onions, cardamom, cloves, and more! Check out all his amazing tips along with a presentation from Dr. Minil Patel on how he fuels his performance! 

Class 5: Dr. Shireen Kassam explains why processed and red meat cause colorectal cancer, and she reveals protective foods for cancer prevention, including green vegetables, soybeans, berries, cabbage, mushrooms, and other high-fiber foods! 

Class 6: Dr. Neal Barnard discusses power foods for the brain! Plus, nutritionist Rohini Bajekal shares how Indian foods helped put her polycystic ovary syndrome in remission!