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One Healthy World

Revolutionize your health with this exciting new international program that provides support from nutrition experts from around the world! With programs available in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin, and for those of Indian origin, you will learn how what you eat can help you improve blood sugar, lose weight, control blood pressure, and more! 

Class 1 shares the secrets of easy and permanent weight loss, delicious recipes, super-fast recipes ideas, how to create a “perfect plate,” and much more. It’s free and waiting for you now!

Class 2 shares mouthwatering food ideas, the best foods for a healthy heart, the one food that is the best kept secret, and more!

Class 3 shares go-to recipes from international culinary experts sure to transform your health! Think Indonesian gado-gado, Caribbean pumpkin curry, Czech yellow split pea soup, and more!

Class 4 shares how to feed children delicious and healthy foods they will love with pediatricians Dr. Heleen Roex and Dr. Juliette Roex! Plus, chef Dustin Harder, author of Epic Vegan Quick and Easy, shows us how to make kid-friendly veggie fried rice!

Class 5 shares why processed and red meat cause colorectal cancer with Dr. Shireen Kassam, as well as protective foods for cancer prevention, including green vegetables, soybeans, berries, cabbage, mushrooms, and other high-fiber foods!

Class 6 shares how your diet affects your hormones with Dr. Hana Kahleova and how going plant-based can restore your natural balance.


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