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  1. Exam Room Podcast

  2. Mar 13, 2019

Anti-Aging: Eating To Stay Young

Can the foods we eat help keep us vibrant as we age?

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The fountain of youth could be hiding in plain sight, in the grocery store among the apples and oranges, the spinach and kale, and the vast colors of the produce section!

On this episode of The Exam Room™, “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll is joined by Hana Kahleova, M.D., Ph.D., and Asha Subramanian, M.D., to talk about how the foods we eat can help keep us looking and feeling younger. On the flip side, unhealthy foods can speed up the aging process and in many cases shed years from our life instead of adding them.

The connection goes much deeper than surface level. Eating an abundance of greens can actually improve brain function. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Among topics covered:

  • The life expectancy of vegans and vegetarians compared to omnivores.
  • How overweight and obese teens face an increased risk of early death.
  • How eating meat appears to cause early puberty among young girls.
  • How dairy products affect the aging process.
  • How eating a high-fiber diet improves the odds of living disease-free late in life.
  • How eating a plant-based diet can be especially beneficial for middle-aged adults at risk of heart disease.
  • How what we eat can impact the actual size of the brain.
  • How eating trans fats negatively impacts memory ability, even in young adults.
  • How food can help us maintain good vision as we grow older.

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