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  2. Jul 13, 2022

Chinese Diets Based on Traditional Plant Foods Reduce Blood Pressure

Research published in Circulation shows traditional Chinese diets focused on vegetables, legumes, and grains lower blood pressure. In a randomized trial, Chinese volunteers who began an intervention diet focused on these healthful foods and reduced their intakes of meat, eggs, and salt lowered their blood pressure more than those who followed a control diet that included more meat and sodium. The study occurred in the context of rising meat and dairy intake in China, which has been paralleled by increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease and other diet-related conditions, and suggests the value of a return to healthier, plant-based fare.


Wang Y, Feng L, Zeng G, et al. Effects of cuisine-based Chinese heart-healthy diet in lowering blood pressure among adults in China: multicenter, single-blind, randomized, parallel controlled feeding trial. Circulation. 2022;146:1-13. doi:10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.122.059045

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