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  2. Sep 25, 2020

This Doctor’s Health Journey Inspired a Plant-Based Mom Movement!

by Jasmol Sardana, DO, FACLM, DipABLM


Before I tell you about the power of lifestyle medicine and how it changed my life as a physician and as a mom, let me invite you to grab a mommy friend or two and join me and a phenomenal group of moms—who also happen to be accomplished experts in their fields (medicine, nursing, and dietetics)—for planted., an online course created just for moms.

We’ve been where you are and have likely had many of the same struggles and questions that you might have. Through our own personal journeys and expert training, we have successfully transformed our health and that of our families, and now we want to pay it forward and share all of that wisdom and experience with you!

Now, my story: Watching my father struggle with and succumb much too early to diabetes and heart disease deeply inspired me to pursue medical training in lifestyle medicine. This evidence-based field of medicine focuses on helping people create the most optimal foundation of good health to prevent, manage, and even reverse some of the very medical conditions my father had. Today, as a parent myself, I sit back and chuckle at how fate brought me to lifestyle medicine to not only help others but to first save myself. 

In my naivety as a young physician, who sadly wasn’t taught the power of lifestyle change during my medical education and training, I figured that since I seemed healthier than my patients, I didn’t really need to improve my own health. When in actuality I was overweight, had prediabetes and high cholesterol, and was heading down a similar, albeit slower, path as my father. Pursuing lifestyle medicine was the mirror I needed to see where I could do better. 

As a busy, working physician mom of three young children who is married to a super supportive (but also very busy) physician, I knew part of why I was letting some of my poor health habits slide was simple: I was overwhelmed and exhausted! 

before and after


That was until I learned about the six pillars of lifestyle medicine. At first, I was pretty skeptical. So I just eat plants, move more, stress less, love others, don’t smoke, drink less, and sleep well and I’ll be able to prevent all of the chronic diseases my genes are telling me are inevitable?! It almost seemed too easy!

What finally helped me take the first step was speaking with other mothers whom I admired and seeing them transform their own health before my eyes. How were they able to juggle family responsibilities and also be fit, have so much energy, be so calm, and feed their families healthy plant-based meals they actually loved? They let me in on their secret: “Jasmol, choose yourself. Every day do one or two things, no matter how small, at least once a day for yourself”.   

My mommy guilt kicked into full gear when I heard that and first started on my journey. How I could justify taking time out for myself when there was always so much to do for everyone else? I knew I just had to start and trusted that I would figure things out as I went along. Slowly but surely with small consistent steps—like transitioning to a whole food, plant-based diet, tracking my daily activity, and trying out meditation for the first time in my life—along with support from my family and friends, I was able to eventually reverse my prediabetes and high cholesterol and  get down to my ideal weight. 

Today, I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life with enough energy to run around and play, cook, exercise and even meditate with my kids! Not only am I healthier and happier than ever before, the smiles on my children’s faces are all the proof I need to know that they are healthier and happier as well! 

Most importantly, I see myself finally being the healthy example for my children that I needed when I was a little girl. All because I found the courage to start choosing me.

Maybe you’ve been so fully focused on caring for everyone else and you’re feeling pushed down by the weight of motherhood. If so, l want you to know that you’re not alone! Even though it may feel like it some days, you have not been buried. No mama, you have simply been planted. And it is your turn to bloom with planted. !

Over the course of eight weekly, virtual mommy meet-ups you will get exclusive access to:

*Scientifically backed, trustworthy, informative presentations.

*Engaging, illuminating group discussions.

*Inspiring Q&A sessions with our expert presenters who are also moms!

*Smaller focus groups for personalized goal setting.

*An inspiring, planted. PDF journal to clarify and track your health goals.

*Easy, delicious family-friendly recipes.

*Resources and special offers from our amazing partners created just for you!

*Weekly emails with tips and inspiration to keep you motivated for the week!

*A support group of amazing mamas just like you who are also taking the first step towards improved physical and mental health.

Now that you’ve heard my lifestyle medicine success story, isn’t it time to start yours? 

In just 90 minutes (out of the10,080 minutes in a week) you can finally have the chance to focus on YOUR health goals and be a part of a wonderful gathering of supportive, like-minded women. Please join me and my expert colleagues for this phenomenal movement of empowered moms. Your health and your family’s health are well worth it. We cannot wait to see you!

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