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  1. Recipe

Veggie Rainbow Wraps

8 servings

Source: The Survivor’s Handbook: Eating Right for Cancer Survival by Neal Barnard, MD, and Jennifer Reilly, RD

Rainbow Wraps on Plate

Kids love these colorful wraps! Serve for lunch or as a snack at parties.

About the Recipe

223 Calories · 7.8 g Protein · 7.4 g Fiber

Feel free to make these using your favorite bean spread or other vegetables of your choice.


Makes 8 Servings

  • roasted red pepper hummus (1 c (271 g))
  • whole-wheat tortillas (8)
  • red bell pepper, cut in sticks (1)
  • orange bell pepper, cut in sticks (1)
  • spinach, chopped (1 1/2 c (45 g))
  • cucumber, cut in sticks (1)


  1. Spread hummus or bean spread of your choice thinly on one side of the tortillas.

  2. Add a thin layer of the vegetables across two thirds of each tortilla.

  3. Roll up each tortilla.

  4. Slice into about 5 individual rolls per tortilla.

Nutrition Facts

Per serving

Calories: 223

Fat: 6.2 g

     Saturated Fat: 1.3 g

     Calories From Fat: 23.7%

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Protein: 7.8 g

Carbohydrate: 37.8 g

Sugar: 5.6 g

Fiber: 7.4 g

Sodium: 468 mg

Calcium: 145 mg

Iron: 2.4 mg

Vitamin C: 57.8 mg

Beta-Carotene: 3,946 mcg

Vitamin E: 1.2 mg

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