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  1. Recipe

Greek Lentil and White Bean Soup With Olive and Tomato Gremolata

5 servings

Source: Dr. Neal Barnard’s Cookbook for Reversing Diabetes by Neal Barnard, MD; recipe by Dreena Burton

Greek Lentil Soup

This soup combines the heartiness of beans and lentils with subtle spices.

About the Recipe

304 Calories · 21 g Protein · 14 g Fiber
Lunch · Dinner
Gluten-free · Nut-free


Makes 5 Servings

  • lemon zest (2 tsp.)
  • finely chopped fresh parsley (2 to 3 tbsp.)
  • finely chopped kalamata or dry cured olives (2 tbsp.)
  • finely chopped tomatoes (3 to 4 tbsp.)
  • chopped onion (1 1/2 cups)
  • diced celery (1/2 cup)
  • dried oregano (4 tsp.)
  • allspice (1/2 tsp.)
  • ground cinnamon (1/8 tsp.)
  • sea salt (1 1/4 tsp.)
  • freshly ground black pepper (to taste)
  • water (3 tbsp. plus 4 cups)
  • dried red lentils (1 cup)
  • cooked white beans (3 cups)
  • garlic clove (1)
  • freshly squeezed lemon juice (1/4 cup)


  1. To prepare the gremolata: In a small bowl, combine 1 teaspoon of the lemon zest, the parsley, olives, and tomatoes. Stir thoroughly and set aside.

  2. To prepare the soup: In a soup pot over medium-high heat, combine the onion, celery, oregano, allspice, cinnamon, salt, pepper, and 3 tablespoons of the water. Stir, cover, and cook for 5 to 6 minutes, stirring once.

  3. Add the lentils, 2 cups of the white beans, and the remaining 4 cups of water. Increase the heat to bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce the heat to low, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes.

  4. Turn off the heat and use an immersion blender to puree until smooth. Stir in the remaining 1 cup white beans and grate the garlic into the soup. Add the lemon juice and extra 1 teaspoon of zest and stir. Taste and add additional salt and pepper if desired. 

  5. Top each bowl with a few teaspoons of the gremolata and serve.

Nutrition Facts

Per serving

Calories: 304
Protein: 21 g
Carbohydrate: 55 g
Sugar: 4 g
Total Fat: 1 g
     Calories From Fat: 4%
Fiber: 14 g
Sodium: 957 mg

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