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James Loomis, M.D.: Directing a New Approach to Medical Practice

“As I incorporated plant-based nutrition as the cornerstone of my medical practice, many of my patients experienced the same lifesaving health improvements that transformed my own life.”

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More and more physicians are eager to make nutrition a central part of their practices, and the Physicians Committee is here to help you do that. First, we’ll get you up to speed with our simple and concise Continuing Medical Education.

And finally, we’ll give you everything you need to help your patients improve their diets: factsheets, posters, books, simple handouts, DVDs, and even a curriculum that you, a colleague, or one of our instructors can use in group sessions right in your office. Browse through the options below. Your patients will love you for it.

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Nutrition Education Curriculum

Teach people about the lifesaving effects of healthful eating with our curriculum >

Breaking Medical News

Keep up with the latest in health
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Health Care Advocacy

Help shape important public policy reforms in the areas of ethics and health >

Food for Life

Bring nutrition education into your practice. Contact a Food for Life instructor >

Clinical Research

The Physicians Committee conducts research on the role of nutrition in health >

Become a Spokesperson

Promote nutrition and ethical research. Become a spokesperson >

Patient Materials

These are especially useful in health care professionals' offices and at conferences >

Nutrition in Medicine Conference

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Opportunities for Professionals

Help us advance community health and medical science. Volunteer >


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