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  2. Aug 6, 2021

Vegan Diets Featuring Traditional Soul Food Increasing in Popularity

vegan barbecue with fries and coleslaw
Vegan jackfruit barbecue with yuca fries and coleslaw
Photo: Getty Images

Vegan diets linked to culturally relevant foodways are increasing in popularity among African Americans in the United States, according to a news report published in Circulation. New research, supported by community connections through local restaurants and churches, is investigating the health benefits of plant-based diets rooted in traditions from the African diaspora among Black Americans. The NEW Soul Study (Nutritious Eating With Soul Study) paired plant-based nutrition education with cooking instruction classes and food from a local soul food restaurant for participants. While the results are expected later this year, previous research shows plant-based diets improve cholesterol levels and weight and reduce the risk for hypertension and diabetes.


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