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  1. Health and Nutrition News

  2. Dec 19, 2019

Healthy Hospital Food Offers Teachable Moments for Patients

Healthy food served in hospitals provides an education opportunity for patients, according to a review published in the American Journal of Medicine. The authors reviewed the current state of hospital food offerings and found most food options are set for financial rather than health reasons and include processed meat, fried foods, and sugar-sweetened beverages. Several hospitals across the U.S. initiated programs to increase healthful food options, including plant-based menus and outpatient education featuring nutrition lectures, farmers markets, meatless Mondays, and plant-based immersion programs. These examples may inspire other hospitals to implement similar programming to increase nutrition education and maintain or improve customer satisfaction.


Aggarwal M, Grady A, Desai D, et al. Successful implementation of healthful nutrition initiatives into hospitals. Am J Med. Published online September 5, 2019.

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