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  2. Jul 2, 2020

Identical Twins: One Goes Vegan, One Does Not

Identical Twins: One Goes Vegan, One Does Not

What happens when identical twins eat two completely different diets?

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Hugo and Ross Turner wanted to know. For 12 weeks, Hugo went vegan while Ross continued eating meat and dairy. What happened during that time was amazing!

They join "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll to talk about how their experiences differed. One lost more weight, one gained more energy, one lowered his cholesterol, and that's just the start!

The Turner twins' story has captured the world, and now they're sharing it on The Exam Room™.

Also on the show, Jasmol Sardana, DO, aka Dr. Jazz, returns to answer your questions as Chuck opens the Doctor's Mailbag. 

Among the questions answered:

  • What plant-based foods should people with diabetes avoid?
  • How can older people improve their immune system?
  • How low is too low for A1C levels on a vegan diet?
  • How much fiber is lost when blending whole fruits and vegetables in a smoothie?


SPOILER: If you don't want to know how the Turner twins’ vegan diet experiment turned out, stop reading until you've listened to the show.

Ross (traditional diet)


Before: 6.5 mmol/liter

After: 6.5 mmol/liter


Before: 187 pounds

After: 191 pounds

Muscle Mass:

Before: 158 pounds

After: 166 pounds

Hugo (Vegan Diet)


Before: 5.9 mmol/liter

After: 4.9 mmol/liter


Before: 185 pounds

After: 182 pounds

Muscle Mass:

Before: 153 pounds

After: 152 pounds

It is interesting to note that although Ross gained greater muscle mass with a traditional diet, Hugo reported no symptoms of weakness and had a feeling of similar strength while eating a vegan diet.

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