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  2. Oct 29, 2019

How Beta-Carotene Battles Cancer: Orange Is the New Pink!

How Beta-Carotene Battles Cancer: Orange Is the New Pink!

Beta-carotene is a cancer-fighting heavyweight!

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So, to honor this powerhouse we’re rethinking pink. In fact, we’re changing our colors altogether to conclude our series on breast cancer. Because on this episode of The Exam Room™, orange is the new pink!

“The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll sits down with Susan Levin, RD, who explains how the same nutrient that gives orange foods their color also helps hunt cancer cells in the body. Susan, who is director of nutrition education for the Physicians Committee, also reveals the foods with the most beta-carotene that you should be putting on your plate.

Chuck is then joined by Jessie Davidson who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 28 years old. Jessie was a newlywed, having tied the knot less than a year earlier, but instead of having the world in the palm of her hand, it was turned upside down. But Jessie was relentless in her fight and shares how she faced her fears to pull through. A big part of that was discovering a plant-based diet and the link between cancer and the food in her kitchen.

Kristi Funk, MD, then steps back into The Exam Room™ with her fourth and final step of the Let's Beat Breast Cancer guide: keeping a healthy weight. You’ll learn how carrying around extra pounds can increase the odds of getting cancer and why eating high-fat foods causes a woman’s body to produce excessive amounts of cancer-promoting estrogen.

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