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  1. Exam Room Podcast

  2. Aug 6, 2020

Gut Bacteria Q&A With Dr. Alan Desmond

Gut Bacteria Q&A With Dr. Alan Desmond

Get ready to learn about gut bacteria and your diet!

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Dr. Alan Desmond returns to The Exam Room™ podcast to join "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll and field questions about food, the microbiome, and gut health! 

Among the questions answered:

  • Is kombucha good for gut health?
  • How much kimchi does a person need to eat to impact the gut microbiome?
  • Does spicy food help or hurt gut bacteria?
  • What is a good ratio of cooked food to raw food in the diet?
  • Can coffee upset good gut bacteria?

Plus, many more! Invest a half hour of your time for a happier and healthier gut!

Dr. Desmond will be speaking at the International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine

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