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  2. Dec 5, 2023

Do Some Vegans Have Naturally High Cholesterol?| Dr. Neal Barnard Live Q&A

Do Some Vegans Have Naturally High Cholesterol?| Dr. Neal Barnard Live Q&A

Is it possible to eat a vegan diet and still have high cholesterol? What should you do if that is you?

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Gregory J. Reiter Fund

This episode of The Exam Room™ Podcast is sponsored by The Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund, which supports organizations like the Physicians Committee that carry on Greg’s passion and love for animals through rescue efforts, veganism, and wildlife conservation.

Dr. Neal Barnard has advice for those who seem to have stubborn high cholesterol no matter what they eat!

Find out why this might happen and options to lower cholesterol when Dr. Barnard joins "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll on The Exam Room LIVE.


  • Genetics of high cholesterol

  • Sneaky foods can raise cholesterol

  • Best foods for lowering cholesterol

  • Refined sugar’s influence on cholesterol

  • Processed food and cholesterol

  • Coffee and cholesterol

  • How exercise affects cholesterol levels

  • Statins and alternatives

  • Habits that can lower cholesterol

  • And more!

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