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  1. Exam Room Podcast

  2. Jul 16, 2019

Can a Vegan Diet Improve Your Skin?

Can eating a vegan diet help your skin? Emerging research says yes!

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This episode sponsored by Treeline Nut Cheese.

Plant-based dermatologist Niyati Sharma, MD, returns to the show to join “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll and answer your questions! 

Among the topics explored:

  • Can eating chocolate cause acne?
  • What effect does coffee have on the skin?
  • Can eating sugar cause acne?
  • Does dairy cause acne?
  • What effect does dairy have on eczema?
  • What foods are best for psoriasis?
  • What foods are best to help with sun spots?
  • Is it possible to have oily skin and acne while eating a plant-based diet?
  • What foods should we eat to look young and combat wrinkles?

Chuck also looks back at an epic week for plant-based athletes and discusses why their diets could be leading them to victory

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton took home the checkered flag at the British Grand Prix. Just a few hours later, Novak Djokovic outlasted Roger Federer in an epic championship final for the ages to capture his fifth Wimbledon title and celebrated by plucking a few blades of grass off the court and having a snack. Leafy greens, right? And who could forget about Alex Morgan? She helped lead the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team to a World Cup victory and won the ESPY Award for Best Female Athlete!

So is a plant-based diet really the secret to their success? We’re going to find out as Chuck revisits an interview with James Loomis, MD, and Physicians Committee dietitian Susan Levin, who co-authored a study examining the effect of food on athletic performance. What they discovered were some of the strongest links yet between diet and post-workout recovery.


Dr. Loomis will also be featured in the highly anticipated upcoming documentary The Game Changers, a “revolutionary new documentary about meat, protein, and strength.” It is set for a one-night special nationwide screening on Sept. 16, 2019.

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