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  2. Jul 28, 2023

Biggest Health Discoveries of 2023 | Dr. Andrew Freeman

Biggest Health Discoveries of 2023 | Dr. Andrew Freeman

Learn about the biggest health studies of 2023.

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Research on how to live healthier, live longer, and potentially dramatically reduce the amount of medication you need is highlighted when Dr. Andrew Freeman joins The Exam Room Podcast.

Dr. Freeman and "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carrolldiscuss the following studies:

  • Coffee’s health benefits
  • Nuts protect against cancer
  • Live 20 years longer by changing your diet
  • Artificial sugar is making you sick
  • Milk and cheese increase risk of heart attacks and cancer
  • Reducing the need for medication by more than half and avoiding “catastrophic spending” on medical bills with diet changes

Dr. Freeman will be speaking at the 2023 International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine.

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