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  2. Oct 15, 2020

Best Fruits and Vegetables To Fight Breast Cancer

Best Fruits and Vegetables To Fight Breast Cancer

Drum roll please! We are handing out awards to the best breast-cancer-fighting foods with  Kristi Funk, MD! Will there be any surprises? 

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Find out when Dr. Kristi Funk joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to announce the winners!

The categories:

  • Best Breast-Cancer-Fighting Fruit
  • Best Breast-Cancer-Fighting Vegetable
  • Best Breast-Cancer-Fighting Seed
  • Best Breast-Cancer-Fighting Nut
  • Best Breast-Cancer-Fighting Legume
  • Best Breast-Cancer-Fighting Spice

Plus, we will be handing out a special lifetime achievement award to the most underappreciated nutrient, fiber!

Also, on this special double episode, dietitian Lee Crosby, also known as the Fiber Queen, will be answering your questions about nutrition and breast cancer when Chuck opens the Dietitian’s Mailbag!

Among the questions answered:

  • Can sugar and white flour cause breast cancer?
  • Is there a connection between gluten and breast cancer?
  • Does green tea fight breast cancer?
  • Should soy be avoided if a person has estrogen-related breast cancer?
  • And many more!

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