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  2. Jan 3, 2019

A Vegan Diet Is Healthier than a Mediterranean Diet

by President - Neal Barnard, MD, FACC

Earlier this week, U.S. News & World Report placed the Mediterranean diet at the top of its list of 40 best diets for 2019. But when it comes to health, the science shows that there’s only one top diet: a plant-based diet.

We've all heard that the Mediterranean diet can boost longevity. But why is that? Mediterranean diets, which are typically rich in vegetables and fruit, low in meat, and relatively low in fat, are healthy—to the extent that they emphasize these plant-based foods.

One BMJ study showed that certain components of the diet, especially high vegetable consumption and low meat consumption, were more strongly linked to longevity than other components, such as fish consumption. High fruit, nut, and legume consumption also contributed to longevity.

To learn more about the benefits of a vegan diet over a Mediterranean diet, check out my presentation from last summer’s International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine in Washington, D.C.

Vegan Diet or Mediterranean Diet: Which is Healthier?

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