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Laurie Courage

Food for Life Instructor

Laurie Courage
As a lifelong learner, Laurie was not one to accept a diagnosis without doing her homework. After reading The China Study, she committed to making significant lifestyle changes and her conditions improved. However, she also learned that being a vegan was not going to be enough to get to optimal health. To actually reverse disease, it is less about what you don't eat and more about what you do eat. Ever since, she has passionately pursued learning everything she could about the evidence-based science behind whole-food, plant-based nutrition. She has received several plant-based nutrition certifications from many of the doctors and biomedical researchers who are leaders in this field. Her studies deepened her understanding for how a diet primarily based on vegetables, legumes, grains, and fruits promotes good health and weight-loss and reduces and reverses chronic illnesses. As a plant-based nutrition educator and health coach, she is most excited when a student or client takes back control of their health and succeeds in so many delicious ways. As someone who cares about the environment, she is delighted this lifestyle preserves the planet and its animals.

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Nassau County, Suffolk County

Upcoming Classes


Your Body in Balance - Online

Jul 13, 2024  |  Online Class, Port Washington, NY 11050, US


Food for Life: Diabetes Initiative - Online

Aug 3, 2024  |  Online Class, Port Washington, NY 11050, US

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