WATCH: It’s Time to Break the Meat Habit

The Physicians Committee

WATCH: It’s Time to Break the Meat Habit

A Call to Action from Neal Barnard, M.D.

I joined 100 doctors at the White House last Friday where we filmed an urgent message to America: Break the Meat Habit.

More than 700 doctors and other health professionals participated in our International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine just a few blocks from the White House on July 29 and 30. They learned how to educate their patients about the dangers of meat and the benefits of a plant-based diet. Mariana C. Stern, Ph.D., showed how 49,700 cancer cases could theoretically be prevented in the United States each year if no one ate processed meat. And Christina Warinner, Ph.D., discussed the misconceptions of the meat-heavy Paleo diet.

Two new studies released today add further proof that Americans should break the meat habit. The first, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, found that eating more animal protein increased the risk of early death, while eating more plant protein reduced the risk. The second study, an analysis of obesity in 170 countries, found that meat is as much to blame for obesity as sugar. A large body of evidence now links meat to common diseases.

We hope that Americans take this message to heart and break the meat habit for themselves and their families. Please help us do this by sharing the video on Facebook. 

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