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The Power Foods Diet

Now available for preorder!

Dr. Neal Barnard’s new diet and plan offers an evidenced-based, food-as-medicine protocol for kickstarting weight loss and keeping it off.

Power Foods Book

This book reveals three breakthroughs that are supported by research, revealing that certain foods:

  1. Can reduce the appetite;
  2. Trap calories so they are flushed away and cannot be absorbed; and
  3. Increase the body’s ability to burn calories for about three hours after each meal. 

These breakthroughs make weight loss incredibly easy, without calorie counting or deprivation. This diet encourages people to eat, not to stop eating. Dr. Barnard also reveals that some foods we think are good for us can be harmful, like salmon, goat cheese, and coconut oil, which easily turn into body fat. 

To make it easy, Dr. Barnard will include a simple-to-follow meal plan that includes delicious and indulgent recipes that include foods we have often been told to avoid, like potatoes and pasta, so you can eat real food and still lose weight.