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  2. Jun 16, 2020

Vegetarians Have Lower BMIs

Researchers analyzed diet records from the LIFE-Adult study and compared intake of animal-derived products with health markers. Those who ate fewer animal products had a lower BMI when compared to those who consumed more fish, eggs, dairy products, and meat. The authors attributed the lower BMI in vegetarians to lower calorie intake from fewer processed foods and recommended restricting animal product consumption as an effective means to lower body weight and obesity-related chronic disease risk.


Medawar E, Enzenbach C, Roehr S, Villringer A, Riedel-Heller SG, Witte AV. Less animal-based food, better weight status: Associations of the restriction of animal-based product intake with body-mass-index, depressive symptoms and personality in the general population. Nutrients. 2020;12:1492-1513.

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