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  2. Oct 16, 2013

Vegetarian Diet Lowers Cholesterol, Weight, and Blood Sugar

A low-fat, high-carbohydrate vegetarian diet lowers cholesterol, blood sugars, and weight, according to a study published in the October issue of Environmental Microbiology Reports. Six obese participants with type 2 diabetes and/or hypertension followed a plant-based, high-fiber diet (about 42 grams per day) for one month. Patients experienced weight loss, lower cholesterol, better blood sugar control, and improved gut flora. Bacteria associated with immunity and anti-inflammation increased while bacteria most associated with conditions such as obesity and inflammatory bowel conditions decreased.


  1. Kim MS, Hwang SS , Park EJ, Bae JW. Strict vegetarian diet improves the risk factors associated with metabolic diseases by modulating gut microbiota and reducing intestinal inflammation. Environ Microbiol Rep. 2013;5:765-775.

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