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  2. Jul 20, 2023

Processed Foods Increase the Risk of Colorectal Cancer

A diet high in processed foods and sweets may increase the odds of developing colorectal cancer, according to a new study. The study also suggested that eating mostly animal products (eggs, fish and seafood, and dairy products) may also increase risk.1 A diet high in fruits and vegetables was not found to increase risk of colorectal cancer, which supports the findings of other studies that have found plant-based diets to reduce the risk of developing the disease.2 


  1. Abd Rashid A, Ashari L, Shafiee N, et al. Dietary patterns associated with colorectal cancer risk in the Malaysian population: a case-control study with exploratory factor and regression analysis. BMC Public Health. 2023;23:1386. doi:10.1186/s12889-023-16283-6 
  2. Wu B, Zhou R, Ou Q, Chen Y, Fang Y, Zhang C. Association of plant-based dietary patterns with the risk of colorectal cancer: a large-scale case-control study. Food Funct. 2022;13:10790-10801. doi:10.1039/d2fo01745h

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