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  2. May 19, 2023

Plant Foods High in Flavonoids Reduce Risk of Death, Even in Middle Age

Flavonoids, a healthful compound abundant in plant foods including tea, blueberries, and peppers, may reduce the risk of death. According to new research published in BMC Medicine, adding three servings per day of flavonoid-rich foods lowed the risk of dying for any reason by 8% and the risk of brain death due to neurological causes by 13%. These effects were even seen when dietary changes were made in middle age, suggesting it is never too late to start improving your diet. 


Bondonno, NP, Liu, YL, Zheng, Y, et al. Change in habitual intakes of flavonoid-rich foods and mortality in US males and females. BMC Med. 2023;21(1):1-13. doi:10.1186/s12916-023-02873-z

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