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  2. Feb 27, 2023

Plant-Based Diets Reduce Risk of Obesity for Those Genetically Predisposed

Plant-based diets reduce the risk of obesity among adults who are genetically predisposed to the disease, according to research published in Nutrients. Plant-based diets were associated with the lowest body fat and the least propensity to develop obesity when compared to high-protein or low-energy intake diets. High-fiber, plant-based diets lower inflammation, help you feel full faster, and offer phytochemicals and other nutrients linked to less body fat.


Daily JW, Park S. Association of plant-based and high-protein diets with a lower obesity risk defined by fat mass in middle-aged and elderly persons with a high genetic risk of obesity. Nutrients. 2023;15(4):1063-1082. doi:10.3390/nu15041063  

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