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  2. Jun 21, 2023

A Plant-Based Diet Improves Osteoarthritis Symptoms

A 16-week lifestyle program based on a whole food plant-based diet, physical activity, and stress management was found to improve symptoms of metabolic syndrome-associated osteoarthritis, according to the “Plants for Joints” randomized controlled trial. Participants had decreased pain and stiffness and improved physical function. They also lost over 8 pounds and had improved blood sugars and cholesterol levels.1 Previous research has also found a whole food plant-based diet to be effective at reducing osteoarthritis-associated pain.2


  1. Walrabenstein W, Wagenaar CA, van de Put M, et al. A multidisciplinary lifestyle program for metabolic syndrome-associated osteoarthritis: the "Plants for Joints" randomized controlled trial. Osteoarthr Cartil. 2023:S1063-4584(23)00826-9. doi:10.1016/j.joca.2023.05.014
  2. Clinton CM, O'Brien S, Law J, Renier CM, Wendt MR. Whole-foods, plant-based diet alleviates the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Arthritis. 2015:708152. doi:10.1155/2015/708152

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