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  2. Jan 11, 2019

More Benefits of Vegan Diets for Endurance Athletes

A study published in Nutrients supports vegan diets for athletes. Researchers compared survey responses on health status and lifestyle choices between vegan and omnivorous endurance runners. Vegan runners avoided sugars, saturated fats, and cholesterol and reported fewer allergies and lower body weight than omnivorous runners. Vegan runners also displayed a better understanding of the health benefits of plant-based foods, including choosing foods high in phytochemicals, and their potential benefits to athletic recovery. Read more about athletes and vegan diets.


Wirnitzer K, Boldt P, Lechleitner C, et al. Health Status of Female and Male Vegetarian and Vegan Endurance Runners Compared to Omnivores—Results from the NURMI Study (Step 2). Nutrients. 2019;11:1-21.

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