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  2. Aug 17, 2023

Dietary Fat May Contribute to Developing Diabetic Retinopathy

People who eat diets that are high in fat may be more likely to develop diabetic retinopathy, a condition experienced by people with diabetes that causes vision loss or blindness. The study found that among a large group of middle age and older adults with diabetes, those with the highest amount of fat in their diet were more than twice as likely to develop retinopathy. The World Health Organization recommends keeping total fat below 30% of a person’s total energy intake, and there may be benefits of staying even lower.


Sasaki M, Yuki K, Hanyuda A, et al. Associations between fatty acid intake and diabetic retinopathy in a Japanese population. Sci Rep. 2023;13(1):12903. doi:10.1038/s41598-023-39734-x

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