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  2. Jan 22, 2019

Report: Scientists Call for Replacing Animal Tests With Human Tissues

Research using human tissues instead of animals is critical to advancing medical research and drug development, but accessibility to quality human tissues is often a barrier.

The Physicians Committee convened The Human Tissue Roundtable in October to address the issue. The roundtable speakers covered the full spectrum of the topic, from a transplant surgeon who initiates the cycle of tissue recovery in the operating room to a scientist who uses human cells to study drug development for preclinical trials. The 23 attendees, including scientists, policy experts, physicians, and leaders from U.S. federal agencies and nongovernmental organizations, also discussed the current state of human tissue research and devised a plan to increase the availability and quality of human tissues in research.

For more information, read the full Increasing the Availability of Quality Human Tissue for Research Meeting Report.

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