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  2. Oct 8, 2019

When Pink Ribbons Push Carcinogens with Dr. Neal Barnard

When Pink Ribbons Push Carcinogens with Dr. Neal Barnard

Dr. Neal Barnard steps into The Exam Room with “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll!

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Every October it seems as though everything is awash in pink in honor of breast cancer awareness. However, Dr. Barnard explains that sometimes these well-intentioned efforts badly miss the mark.

Remember when KFC had a pink bucket of fried chicken? What about airlines selling a pink martini to raise funds for breast cancer research? More recently, a sausage company announced plans for a "cure campaign."

The problem is that all of these products have been shown to increase the risk of developing cancer, and some have been classified as being carcinogenic to humans. It's like selling a pack of cigarettes to raise money for lung cancer research.

Dr. Barnard ponders a new way to think pink: one that highlights prevention!

Kristi Funk, MD, then joins Chuck to discuss the first of four steps outlined in the Let's Beat Breast Cancer campaign: eating a plant-based diet!

How is it that the nutrients in plants can unlock such powerful cancer-fighting capability? Dr. Funk has the answers!

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