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  2. Sep 6, 2023

Vegan Diet After Weight Loss Surgery: Can You Do It? | Dr. Garth Davis on The Exam Room Podcast

Vegan Diet After Weight Loss Surgery: Can You Do It?

Many patients who have had weight loss surgery can still healthfully eat a plant-based diet.

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Dr. Garth Davis, a bariatric surgery specialist from Houston Methodist and author of Proteinaholic, joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll with insight on how a plant-based diet and lifestyle chance can increase the chances of patients maintaining dramatic weight loss long term.

Chuck has used the surgery in conjunction with a healthier diet and lifestyle to maintain a nearly 300-pound weight loss for well over 10 years.

Topics Discussed

  • Protein after weight loss surgery
  • Fiber, gas, and bloating
  • Nutrient absorption and supplements
  • Obtaining nutrients from food with less emphasis on supplements
  • What supplements WLS patients may still need
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for long-term success
  • Is abstinence necessary from ultraprocessed and junk food?
  • And more!

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