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  1. Exam Room Podcast

  2. Aug 27, 2020

Unlearn Unhealthy Cooking Habits

Unlearn Unhealthy Cooking Habits

Improving your diet isn’t just about changing the food you eat. A big part of it is also changing the way you cook!

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On this episode of The Exam Room™ podcast, chef Lauren Kretzer joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to help us unlearn unhealthy cooking habits. For many of us, that means rethinking the way we’ve been doing things in the kitchen since we were kids. It could be not reaching for oil or butter every time you put food in a pan. Or not shaking on salt before ever tasting the food. Whatever it may be, it’s time to unlearn those unhealthy habits and become masters in a new healthier way of cooking!

Lauren shares five tips to help get you started!

Plus, Vanita Rahman, MD, and Lee Crosby, RD, aka The Fiber Queen, team up to answer questions from The Doctor’s Mailbag.

  • What are good sources of vitamin E other than nuts and seeds?
  • Why is it hard to lose those stubborn last five pounds?
  • How much does gut bacteria weigh?
  • What is the best way to repopulate the gut with good bacteria after taking antibiotics?
  • Should women trying to become pregnant take prenatal vitamins?
  • And many more!

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