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  1. Exam Room Podcast

  2. Aug 29, 2018

Secret to a Long Life

You are about to learn the secret to living a long life!

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“The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll sits down with longevity expert Dan Buettner to unlock the keys to not just longevity, but living healthier into old age. Buettner has devoted his life to exploring Blue Zones™, which are the regions on Earth where people have the longest average lifespan. And nutrition plays a critical role in outliving the typical person, often by a decade or longer, despite genetics.

Some of the people he’s encountered are living as though they’re 50 years younger. In fact, one Loma Linda, California-based cardiologist he met still conducted open heart surgery well into his 90s.  The doctor credits a vegan diet for his superior health and steady hand at an advanced age.

Chuck also sits down with longevity expert Bradley Willcox, M.D., M.Sc. The pair discusses the role diet plays in reducing inflammation and warding off debilitating disease such as arthritis. Willcox has also spent a great deal of time studying the habits of Okinawa, Japan, residents where the average lifespan is nearly five years longer than in America. He was part of the team that published the groundbreaking Okinawa Centenarian Study on long life.

How are they doing it? You’re about to find out.

In This Episode

  • The role nutrition plays in living longer
  • Popular plant-based foods eaten in the Blue Zones™
  • The secrets of the Okinawan diet
  • The role lifestyle plays in longevity
  • The role genetics play in longevity
  • Why diet and lifestyle matter as much as genetics in determining how long you live

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