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  2. Aug 17, 2021

New Vegan Diet Health Benefits for 2021 | Dr. Andrew Freeman

New Vegan Diet Health Benefits for 2021 | Dr. Andrew Freeman

The research keeps pouring in from dozens of new studies showing that a vegan diet can supercharge your health!

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Dr. Andrew Freeman explores a mountain of data from the past year that links a diet free of meat and dairy to lower rates of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  He joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to share the exciting findings, including a 37,000-person study about red meat and its potential for creating health challenges. 

Among the other studies discussed:

  • Vegan vs. keto diets
  • Olive oil
  • Diet soda
  • Cinnamon and blood sugar levels

Plus, Chuck celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Food for Life program when he is joined by Jean Myers. Jean was ahead of the curve when it came to healthy eating. She adopted a vegetarian diet in 1984 and became vegan in 1997, long before the plant-based diet boom that would come nearly two decades later.

She became a pioneer for what would become an award-winning nutrition education and cooking class that teaches an innovative approach to improving diet-related chronic diseases. 

Jean shares her motivation for going vegan, her experiences as an instructor, and the powerful story of one student whose health transformation was so dramatic that she will remember it for the rest of her life!

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