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  1. Exam Room Podcast

  2. Jan 9, 2019

Maggie Q: Why I Went Vegan

Maggie Q is a plant-based megastar! The talented actress, best known for starring in hit TV show Designated Survivor and the Insurgent movie series, joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll on location in Los Angeles to talk about keeping it plant-based in Hollywood.

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Her talents don’t end when the cameras stop rolling. Away from the set, she’s quite the extraordinary cook! The way her non-vegan dinner guests react to her plant-based dinners is uncanny, and since she adopted a plant-based diet 20 years ago, there’s a long list of names who have walked away with blown minds to complement their full bellies.

Maggie Q is also a devoted animal and human rights advocate. She talks about how these passions led her to stop eating meat so long ago.

Also, on the show, you’ll hear from someone at the forefront of the future of nutrition and medicine. Robin Ortiz, M.D., brings her passion and infectious energy to The Exam Room™ to talk about her transformation from a semi-rebellious teenager to a doctor with a keen eye for all things plant-based.

She gives her thoughts on the lack of nutrition education in medical school and talks about being viewed as a “hippy doc” by her colleagues because of her diet. But Dr. Ortiz’s endless supply of optimism and an increasing amount of research is proving that she’s on the right track.

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