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  2. Apr 18, 2024

Longevity: Foods That Add Years To Your Life | Dr. Michael Greger Live In Toronto

Longevity: Foods That Add Years To Your Life | Dr. Michael Greger Live In Toronto

Adding years to your life could be as easy as choosing the right foods at your next meal.

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Unlock the secrets to longevity with Dr. Michael Greger best-selling author of How Not To Age.

Dr. Greger gives an unprecedented look at the challenges, triumphs, and nearly unrivaled amount of research that went into publishing a work that originally contained 13,000 citations.

Learn the effects food can have on aging, how to slow down the aging process, and Dr. Greger’s inspiration for writing an unabridged health guide thick enough to satisfy the most inquisitive nutrition mind.

In an Exam Room Podcast exclusive, he also reveals what his next major project may be!

You will hear Dr. Greger like never before when he joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll on The Exam Room Podcast live from Planted Expo in Toronto.

Also on this episode

  • Coffee may lead to a longer life
  • Give your body a spring cleaning
  • Spermidine effects on longevity
  • Top foods for spermidine
  • Pizza breakdown: Does cheese or pepperoni age you faster?
  • Why Dr. Greger loves wheat germ
  • What Dr. Greger added to his diet after writing How Not To Age
  • Dr. Greger’s top-ranked plant friendly European country
  • Advice for living healthy following chemotherapy and radiation
  • High protein diet, weightlifting, and longevity
  • And more!

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