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  2. Apr 6, 2021

Gianna Simone’s Journey to Health and Hollywood

Gianna Simone’s Journey to Health and Hollywood

Before she was star of her own plant-based series on Amazon Prime, Gianna Simone was struggling to overcome an abusive upbringing and unhealthy relationship with food. 

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From growing up in foster care to battling personal demons, Gianna found that her path forward began with taking care of herself, including taking a look at the food that she was eating.

Today, she is an inspiring actress, author and the host of Love, Gianna, and co-author of the Plant Love e-cookbook. She joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to share her exciting journey of going down what she calls the “rabbit hole of truth” and finding her way back to health.

Plus, Chuck reveals the findings of a new study showing a strong connection between processed meat and premature death. He also has details on the record number of people who went vegan at the start of the new year for Veganuary!

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