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  1. Exam Room Podcast

  2. Apr 6, 2023

Food Addiction: Genetics, Cheat Days, Most Addictive, and More | Dr. Ashley Gearhardt

These Foods Are Addictive ERP

Could your genes have you wired to be addicted to food? Or is it the food itself that makes it so easy to overeat?

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"The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll, who went to extreme lengths to lose 280 pounds and break a severe food addiction, is joined by Dr. Ashley Gearhardt on The Exam Room to explore the mind's relationship with food.

Topics Discussed
  • Which foods are most addictive?
  • How quickly can you become addicted to food?
  • Withdrawal symptoms while dieting
  • Rethinking "cheat days" to not derail weight loss
  • What are ultraprocessed foods?
  • Are food addictions more severe than drug and alcohol dependence?
  • And more!

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