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  2. Dec 5, 2023

Dr. Michael Greger: Inside “How Not To Age” | The Exam Room Podcast

Dr. Michael Greger: Inside “How Not To Age”

How Not To Age is the single biggest research project Dr. Michael Greger has ever undertaken.

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Go inside the chapters of this massive book and discover the secretes to aging with grace, beauty, and health in this interview on The Exam Room Podcast.

Dr. Greger shares fruits of his labor, which included more than 13 thousand references in the original work before publishers declared the book too big to publish and slashed it half.

You will reap the anti-aging benefits of the unrivaled volumes of research as he sits down with "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll.

From learning how to tap into the full age-defying potential of nutrients to the foods that speed up the aging process, Dr. Greger shares his findings for How Not To Age.

Topics Discussed

  • How he'll release the research that was edited out of the book

  • Why polyphenols are more potent when consumed with fiber

  • Why red grapes are a better anti-aging option than green grapes

  • Why seeded grapes are a better option than seedless grapes

  • Dr. Greger's love of Asian grocery stores and their produce section

  • How salt accelerates the aging process

  • Alcohol and aging

  • An obscure study showing cola drinks are healthy and why the science is skewed

  • And more!

Following the interview, Chuck explores a study comparing the taste of ultraprocessed and fresh foods that yielded wildly unexpected results.

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