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  2. Jul 18, 2023

A Doctor’s Shocking Decision Leads to One Incredible Book | Dr. Brooke Bussard

Chew on this

A doctor on the fast track to success shockingly decides to walk away and make a massive career shift.

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Her frustrations were boiling over because her patients were not getting any better. They remained sick while she grew depressed. Everyone was trapped in the “sick care” system. But Dr. Brooke Bussard didn’t want to work in “sick care” she wanted to work in health care. And thus, a new career was born.

Dr. Bussard joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to share her experiences and how they laid the foundation for her new book, Chew on This. The book features many of the conversations she wishes should could have had with her patients and those you can have tonight with the people you care about.

Join The Exam Room LIVE in New York on July 12. Watch Chuck, Dr. Neal Barnard, Rip Esselstyn, Dr. Robert Ostfeld, and Dr. Michelle ;create the most heart healthy night of your life. Research and tips and food to keep your heart healthy is on the menu. Tickets may be ordered online.

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