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  2. Mar 7, 2023

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half: Healthy Eating Hacks | Toni Okamoto From Plant-Based on a Budget

ERP Save Dough Eat Veggies

Save a ton of money and eat healthier than ever with these tips from the delicious mastermind of Plant-Based on a Budget!

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Toni Okamoto joins "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll on The Exam Room Podcast with hacks to slice your grocery bill in half, even with a vegan diet!

More Tips
  • Affordable "must have" vegan pantry essentials
  • Cheap and easy egg alternatives
  • Inexpensive recipes for pizza, nachos, burritos, ice cream, and more!

Toni's book, Plant-Based on a Budget: Quick & Easy, features 100 fast, healthy, freezer-friendly, and one-pot vegan recipes!

Chuck, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Kristi Funk, Toni, Samantha Harris from Dancing With The Stars, actress/musician Harley Quinn Smith, and surprise guests will be recording a special episode of The Exam Room LIVE in Los Angeles on March 30. Tickets can be purchased online.

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