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  1. Exam Room Podcast

  2. Aug 8, 2018

Cancer Fighting Foods

This episode is all about foods that help prevent cancer.

In 2018, a staggering 1.7 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States alone, according to National Cancer Institute estimates. And many of those cases will be linked directly to what is on the patient’s plate.

Neal Barnard, M.D., and “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll fight back by revealing foods that help fight cancer and exploring the undeniable link between diet and disease.

Chuck is also joined by Instagram and YouTube personality Leo Venus. The plant-based celebrity is a medical student in Dublin, Ireland, and a recent Barnard Medical Center rotation participant. You’ll hear how his plant-based diet turned him into a social media star! Plus, they talk about how European doctors view vegan diets.

This was the first episode of The Exam Room™ to be streamed live on Facebook!

Leo Venus and Chuck Carroll
Leo Venus and Chuck Carroll

In This Episode

  • Foods that lower the risk of developing cancer
  • The immense connection between diet and cancer
  • How meat and dairy factor heavily into cancer risks
  • The foods most associated with cancer
  • The incredible story of YouTube personality and future plant-based doctor Leo Venus
  • Apply to participate in our weight loss and metabolism study

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