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  2. May 30, 2024

Best Foods for Kidney Health and Function | Dr. Neal Barnard Q&A

Best Foods for Kidney Health and Function | Dr. Neal Barnard Q&A

Your kidneys need good fuel to function at their best. The best foods for kidney health are revealed by Dr. Neal Barnard as he joins Chuck Carroll on The Exam Room Podcast.

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Gregory J. Reiter Fund

This episode of The Exam Room™ Podcast is sponsored by The Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund, which supports organizations like the Physicians Committee that carry on Greg’s passion and love for animals through rescue efforts, veganism, and wildlife conservation.

Topics Discussed

  • Top foods for kidneys
  • Worst foods for kidneys
  • Most important nutrients for kidneys
  • Healthiest kidney diets
  • Managing chronic kidney disease naturally
  • Slowing progression of kidney disease with diet
  • Omega-3's and kidney health
  • Iron deficiency and kidney health
  • Antioxidants and kidney function
  • And more!

Dr. Barnard is the author of The Power Foods Diet: The Breakthrough Plan That Traps, Tames, and Burns Calories for Easy and Permanent Weight Loss.

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